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Mesothelioma prognosis

And now some words about mesothelioma prognosis. But first of all what is prognosis? Prognosis is a medical term which denotes the physician's projected outcome of how a patient's disease will progress, and if there is a chance for recovery. Prognosis is usually most accurate when it is achieved statistically. By comparing large groups of patients in a specific stage of illness, doctors can usually predict not only a patient's chance of survival, but a time frame for the patient's live expectancy.

For example, in tumor staging, doctors can typically predict survival by measuring statistically other patients who have survived for 1 year, 3 years, and 5 years. In most prostate cancers, the 5 year survival rate is higher than 90%, yet in lung cancers the 5 year survival rate is less than 10%. While prognosis is never exact, and there are countless cases of patients who have survived for much longer than their expected prognosis, it can be an extremely important tool in determining whether it makes more sense to continue treatment or to withhold treatment, or to continue treatment focused on relieving symptoms.

Like most cancers, the prognosis for malignant mesothelioma often depends on how early it is diagnosed and how aggressively it is treated. Malignant mesothelioma usually is advanced by the time it is diagnosed so the outlook usually is poor. On average, the survival time after diagnosis is about one year. However, several factors affect the prognosis, including the extent of the tumor and the age and health of the patient.

In some cases, survival time can be increased to two to five years or more with early detection and aggressive treatment. Improved treatments should be available in the near future. A mesothelioma diagnosis is serious, but treatments are available for this often-fatal cancer. The chance of recovery, or prognosis, depends on the size of the cancer, where the cancer is, how far the cancer has spread, how the cancer cells look under the microscope, how the cancer responds to treatment, and the patient's age.

As with most types of cancer, early detection is an excellent first step in fighting the disease. The potential for any treatment to be successful depends on a variety of factors including overall health and age of the patient, type of tumor, size of tumor, location of tumor and lymph system involvement.

In common case asbestosis prognosis refers to the likely outcome of a particular case of the chronic inflammatory lung disease.

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