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US mesothelioma clinics

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There are specialist lung and mesothelioma cancer nurses in most large cancer treatment hospitals.

Specialist mesothelioma nurses answer questions on treatments, cancer and support services from people in their areas. They can also organise equipment that may be needed by people with mesothelioma, such as special beds or walking aids. Mesothelioma support Groups offer help and many kinds of support.

Various people can offer support in the community.

The hospital social worker is also often able to help in many ways, such as giving information about social services and other benefits you may be able to claim while you are ill.

Some people need more than advice and support. You may find that the impact of cancer leads to depression, feelings of helplessness and anxiety. Specialist help in coping with these emotions is available. Often it is easier to talk to someone who is not directly involved with your illness. You can ask your hospital consultant or GP to refer you to a doctor or counsellor who is an expert in the emotional problems of people with cancer and their relatives.

Some hospitals have their own emotional support services with specially trained staff. Nurses on the ward may have training in counselling and will also be able to give advice about practical problems. Some people find great comfort in religion at this time and it may help them to talk to a local minister, hospital chaplain or other spiritual or religious advisor.

In these difficult times many people come closer to God. Most mesothelioma cancer hospitals have a spiritual advisor in residence.

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